Active player

Active player in any given period, refers to an existing registered player that has entered and played any of the online games offered and operated by the Company on any device at least once during such period; repeat entries by the same player from the same device are counted once only

Paying Players

Paying player in any given period, refers to a player who pays money to purchase the in-game virtual items, including virtual tokens and other virtual items, offered by the Company in its online games at least once; a player who makes more than one purchases in such period is counted only once


Daily active players, see “active players” above


Monthly active players, see “active players” above


Monthly average revenue per paying player, which represents the revenue for the period divided by the number paying players in such period, and then divided by the number of months in such period


International Financial Reporting Standards, amendments and interpretations issued by the International Accounting Standards Board

Non-IFRS Measures

Additional financial measure to evaluate financial performance by eliminating the impact of items that the company not consider indicative of the performance of our business, including share-based compensation expenses, fair value change of liability, fair value change of liability component of Series A Preferred Shares and listing related expenses