Anti-fraud Management

Boyaa Interactive International Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), has formulated "Anti-fraud Management Measures”, “Internal Audit Management Measures”, “Boyaa Interactive High-voltage Line Management Regulation” and other policies and regulations to prevent fraud, strengthen governance and internal control, mitigate company risk, standardize business behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Company and to guarantee the realization of the Company’s business objective and the Company’s sustainable, stable and healthy development.

The Group management assumes responsibilities for the occurrence of the fraud, and it is also responsible for establishing, improving and effectively implementing the anti-fraud procedures and controls which include fraud risk assessment and fraud prevention, and creating an anti-fraud corporate culture environment. The Audit Committee under the Board of Directors (the “Audit Committee”), as the regulator of the anti-fraud work, is responsible for the supervision and inspection work of the anti-fraud conducts within the Company. Besides, it is responsible for overseeing the management to develop the company-wide anti-fraud risk measures and control activities, and at the same time, conducting regular reviews towards them; The internal audit department of the Group, as the standing body for the Audit Committee's anti-fraud work, is responsible for investigating and executing the anti-fraud work on the objective and independent basis, and making regular reports to the Audit Committee about the results.

The Group requires directors, senior management and employees to act in accordance with high ethical standards. The Group has set up various complaint channels including specified whistleblowing hotlines and mailboxes etc., based on relevant policies, which is provided for the Company personnel to report incidents when they found relevant misconducts. The internal audit department of the Group is responsible for conducting investigations and making reports about the relevant whistleblowing incidents.

The Group would hire an external independent audit team from time to time to review the Group's internal control system, and persistently improve and optimize the Group's internal control system.

The Group provides the promotional activities and trainings on integrity education from time to time, aiming to build a long-term mechanism for anti-money laundering, anti-commercial bribery and anti-fraud of the Group, and also aiming to create an atmosphere of honesty and integrity environment in the Group.