Company Profile

Boyaa Interactive International Ltd.(“Boyaa Interactive” or “the Company”), founded by Mr. Wei Zhang in 2004, was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 12, 2013. Boyaa Interactive is a global online game operator specializing in developing and operating online card and board games. Looking ahead, the Company aims to promote and expand its Web3 game-related business, and position itself as a pure and leading Web3 listed company.

With its dedicated spirit, unique creative design, and solid technical capabilities, Boyaa Interactive has created a portfolio of approximately 70 online games through independent development and multi-platform refined operations. Boyaa Interactive excels in game localization, continuously enhancing game features to meet cultural and market demands across various regions, and expanding its market reach. To date, Boyaa Interactive has accumulated over 530 million registered players in over 100 countries and regions, offering game products in approximately 12 languages.

Boyaa Interactive develops and operates online games primarily based on historical or classic chess and board games, as well as casual puzzle games. These titles, among others, include Boyaa Texas Hold'em, Happy Poker Slots, Boyaa Fight the Landlord, Boyaa Big Two Poker, Boyaa Chinese Chess, and Boyaa Mahjong Collection. Among Chinese online game companies with games listed on overseas app stores such as Google Play, Apple App Store, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, and Xiaomi, Boyaa Interactive boasts the largest portfolio of mobile board game titles. Since December 2023, Boyaa Interactive has been vigorously promoting the development of Web3-related infrastructure and Web3 game products.

By leveraging its strong technical infrastructure, data analytics capabilities, and dedicated customer service, Boyaa Interactive consistently refines and innovates its game offerings, delivering exceptional player experiences and fostering a thriving player community. Years of dedication have established Boyaa Interactive as a leading brand in the industry, synonymous with popular card and board games. The synergy between its online game business and Web3 technology, combined with its proven expertise in online game and security maintenance, its global reach and Hong Kong's supportive policies, has facilitated Boyaa Interactive a smooth transition to Web3 and a successful strategic transformation.

As of April 2024, Boyaa Interactive has received shareholder authorization twice to purchase up to a total of US$200 million in cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. This cryptocurrency allocation is a key strategy for Boyaa Interactive, serving as a crucial foundation for the Company's sustainable Web3 game development and presenting a potential future opportunity for maximizing the Company and its shareholders' value.

Looking ahead, Boyaa Interactive will further increase its investment in R&D for Web3 game-related products and infrastructure. Continuous innovation and enrichment of game products and gameplay, alongside ongoing improvements on game functionalities and infrastructure, remain a priority. The Company will also focus on user experience, striving to provide high-quality board and card games, events & competitions, and industry-leading Web3 game experiences. The Company will strictly abide by the laws and regulations of its target markets, and will take a steady and solid approach to the online board and card game sector. Furthermore, the Company aspires to establish Boyaa's online board and card games as a century-old brand, while simultaneously transforming itself into a pure and leading Web3 listed company. Boyaa Interactive is unwavering in its dedication to continuous improvement and shareholder value maximization!